Textures/Rendering?Lighting...Need help

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Textures/Rendering?Lighting...Need help

Postby Exyide » Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:59 pm

Hi I am new to Realflow and I am working on a simulation with the hybrido system. I created a scene and exported the Water, foam, and splash out all as Particle Mesh (render kit) as I did not like the results with the grid mesh. I have it in Maya 2011 and im trying to figure out what kind of materials I need to make the water look like ocean blue water and how do I texture the foam and ocean spray? I'm rendering in Mental Ray so what kind of render setting do I need and what kind of lighting? At the moment I have a IBL that is emitting light and I have a sing directional light.. If anyone can help me with I would be grateful.

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