Importing particles over network - Maya7 RF4

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Importing particles over network - Maya7 RF4

Postby J450N » Wed Oct 18, 2006 6:56 pm


I'm new to the forum, and about a week into RF. I'm using Maya7 and RF4 and I notice that I can import my RF generated particles in Maya through the Particle Loader plugin when the particles are stored locally on my computer, but importing from a network location doesn't work. It will add a RF Emitter and Particle to my scene but with no sequences. This is the exact same .bin sequence copied to a folder on the network.

This is crucial for sending a job with RF data to the renderfarm, since each render node will look locally for the RF particles when loading the scene.

Is this a known bug, or is there an easy work-arround I'm missing?


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Importing particles over network - Maya7 RF4

Postby katisss » Wed Oct 18, 2006 8:06 pm

For me it works.
You can however not change the path after creating the realflow loader (by typing in the attribut e editor). Try creating a new emitter and import the particle sequence directly from network.
Check there arent any broken files with 0 kb and framerates and offset are set correctly.

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Importing particles over network - Maya7 RF4

Postby fasolasi » Tue Oct 31, 2006 10:27 am

If you're using Windows, the problem is in the archive RealflowParticler.mel (you put it in ..Maya7.0scriptsothers when you install the RF4 plug-ins for Maya)

Go to the lines where the MEL script extracts the name of your particles' folder. They are around line 70 and have a start comment like this:

// Extract the folder from the result

Here the script evaluate if the folder is on a network or locally stored:

if (`substring $dir 1 1` == "/")
$dir = "/";
$dir = "";

Just change the third line and put an extra slash:

$dir = "//";

The script RealflowMesher.mel has the same problem, but you can change the path after creating the mesh loader.

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