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Workflow; Realflow - Maya(vray) - Nuke

Post by TheOutpost » Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:31 pm

Hello everybody! This is probably a question that better could be posted in the newbie section ;) but alright, we have to start somewhere.. hopefully somebody can help me out!

I basically want to know the best workflow from rf through maya, vray (without Krakatoa) and finally nuke. My goal will be a simple 'realistic' waterfall. For your information; this is my first attempt to create a flood of water.

My idea of approach:
1. Base realflow simulation (in this case Hybrido)
2. Meshing base simulation (alembic + stitching)
3. Simulating secondaries; foam and bubble (alembic)
4. Simulating secondaries; splash (alembic)
5. Importing base mesh via vrproxy (because this supports a vector pass for rendering) + give it a simple water shader.
6. Import base PARTICLE simulation via RFRK (abc sequence, no stitch needed)
7. Colorizing these particles, per particle based on velocity (and optional vorticity)
8. Import 'Foam and bubble' particles via RFRK (also abc). Render as points (vray) with just a simple white shader (?)
9. Import 'splash' particles via RFRK same as foam. Also renderable as points(?)
10. Layering as followed;
- base mesh (blobby water surface)
- base particle as velocity and vorticity
- adding splash, foam and bubbles
- grading

I already managed to simulated all the passes in realflow (base + mesh, foam bubbles and splash). But I really get stuck on combining it in Maya without Krakatoa. What is the best approach from step 6 on.. I guess it's also a lack of knowledge on how to build water step by step.

Anyway there is also an option to colorize the base mesh, based on the velocity (color to vertex)... yet another solution? Or necessary in all the written above? So please, I really need some clarification.

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Workflow; Realflow - Maya(vray) - Nuke

Post by ChristianZ » Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:37 am


maybe this question has a better chance to be answered on a more general CG forum, where people are using a similar workflow, such as CGtalk ?
However, I think workflows involving hundreds of single steps are better discussed in an interactive format where you can ask questions while working on a real project. An online platform to do this is FXPhd, but they don't seem to have a course on RealFlow currently, or personal training by a certified RealFlow expert
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Re: Workflow; Realflow - Maya(vray) - Nuke

Post by TheOutpost » Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:42 am

Maybe your right, thanks anyway for replying to my post!

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