BIN cache transform

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BIN cache transform

Postby camy » Tue Feb 17, 2015 5:39 am

Here trying to load BIN cache manually on nParticle node instead of normal particle with the following code

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#Create Realflow Emitter
global binEmitter
binEmitter = mc.createNode('RealflowEmitter')
#Set Level Of Detail
mc.setAttr((binEmitter + '.LevelOfDetail'), 0.001)

#nParticle Settings
fxParticles = mc.nParticle(n=fxType)
mc.connectDynamic(fxParticles[1], em=binEmitter)

#Add BIN Sequence To Emitter
realflowResetSequence(binEmitter, 0)
#Set Path
mc.setAttr(binEmitter + '.Paths[0]', fxPath, type='string')
#Set Prefix
mc.setAttr(binEmitter + '.Prefixes[0]', (fxType + 'nParticle1'), type='string')

The problem is when i try to rotate or move the cache,it doesn't update accordingly
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