Time and Scale in Maya. Old Question in new context.

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Time and Scale in Maya. Old Question in new context.

Post by Intuition » Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:45 pm

I just wanted to confirm how Realflow in Maya deals with time and space.

I have always used the old Realflow Application that used Plug ins in Maya to import the particle sequence and object sequence for meshes.

If I remember correctly it used to be 1 cm in Maya is 1 m in Realflow.

Now that we have Realflow integrated directly into Maya I have a few more questions.

1. Does Realflow look at Maya's FPS setting to determine its own relative frame rate?

It seems like any sim I run at 24 fps @ 1.0 time feels too slow. Only when I enter time 2.0 do I feel the simulation is moving closer to realtime.

2. The Maya Integrated realflow doesn't seem to respect keyframes on the time attribute, is this a demo limitation?

I tried placing keyframes on frame 1 and frame 72 to try and ramp the time from 1.0 to 0.25 to see time slow down over the simulation.
So far whatever is the start time keyframe is the time through the whole animation.

3. I am trying to measure the scale by setting an emitter at translate_Y / 9.8 cm in Maya to test if after 24 fps that I see the first emitted particles hit the floor or at least near since the emitter doesn't start at full speed. Shouldn't there be a way to test this 9.8ms in realflow to determine scale?

We are testing because we have high speed water photography and want to do realflow simulation to create certain shots in CG vs practical and want to match the frame rate and scale quite closely.

4. Since we are trying to match frame rate would setting maya fps at say 400 fps mean that time 1.0 is respecting 1.0 time dilation at 400fps or does the time scale in RF determine speed regardless of mayas fps time map states?

Thank you.

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